Thursday, February 6, 2014

Komal Malik

As a child Komal ( who originates from Lahore and currently resides there) was fond of singing and always participated in her school talent contests and won many prizes as a young singer. During her formative years and indeed in College she always had a passion for her music and this was proven when she went on further to win even more recognition as a performer, winning more recognition and prizes at local level.

Aspiring to reach the top she set out to convince her parents to give her the blessing she so needed to succeed . The overall mindset was that she has no professional background and indeed the family’s initial mind set did make her think twice. However after persuading her family she has never looked back. With their blessing Komal set out to conquer her dreams.
Fully supported by her elder sister Kiran who was instrumental in persuading her parents the two sisters set out to create an ~artist~ one that could perform well but also attract large crowds to events that she was performing in .

Komal says that she is where she is today by the grace of the Almighty above and her after that her mentor and elder sister Kiran. Her parents also play an active part in her career and shower her with their blessings. Others that Kiran holds in High esteem are people like her singing mentor and “ustad” Karamat Hussain Sahib , who is her teacher and through this wonderful gentlemans dedication, hard work Komal came to learn the art of Classcal music.

Komal has performed at many concerts and events with well known performers from all over the world and was successful in releasing her debut single and video in 2010. RABBA WAY was received openly by the public and was played well on the TV channels and radio station. The American audience along with the UK also reacted positively to the release. This encouraged Komal to relase her second single and video , “Jagay Tere Sapney” which was also played on all Pakistani music channels besides the International Channels. The second track was the making of KOMAL – it showed she had landed. The response was huge and this lead to many offers from overseas for Komal to perform. Initiall she resited as she was wishing to concentrate on the Pakistani crowds as she firmly belives she is where she is today because of the local fans and appreciaters. After many offers she finally chose an overseas media partner and is currently in the process off arranging her first overseas tour. A little resistant at first but she now realises that as a professional singer she should aim to satisfy all her audiences both local and foreign.
With the birth of JAGEY TEREY SAPNAY – ( loosely translated as awaking your dreams) she was approached and interviewed by several media outlets, namely BBC Asian Network in the UK, Fever Fm Leeds – Bradford, Awaz FM, Din TV Pakistan, DM TV UK, . Many other channels both in radio and TV have brodacst the tracks and on her fan page these have been published.
Komal enjoys performing live and unlike many big name “international stars” she does not mime to a CD. Her music is played live with a live band. This in itself is an achievement. When you listen to Komal you hear KOMAL not a digitally enhanced CD which is mimed to.


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