Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tasneem Peerzada

Tasneem Peerzada has had a varied and diverse professional career –it spans the entire spectrum from beginning as a primary and secondary school teacher, to a journalist, a playwright, a lyricist, a press and public relations coordinator, and last, but not least, a poet. After her professional origins in the educational establishment, Tasneem moved onto a more potent public forum by joining “The Daily Jang” as a journalist. At this leading Urdu language newspaper she worked in both the capacities of an editor and a featured columnist, incorporating all forms of current social and political issues in her writing. 
She covered Television, Film, Theatre, and political personalities under human interest, reported on social and political dilemmas for awareness, and also covered fashion for the front pages of the media and entertainment sections. Tasneem later wove all these fundamental elements into a singular vocational focus when she joined the Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop as a company director.  Here she wrote scripts for TV shows, awareness productions (whether on anti-narcotics or children’s education), theatre skits, as well as lyrics and songs for product anthems, corporate launches, and Television jingles. She also became an ardent media and press coordinator for the Peer Group and its sister companies as well as a dire

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