Friday, October 7, 2011


He is Member of Lahore High Court Bar, Lahore Tax Bar and Supreme Court Bar Association of Pakistan, American Bar Association, American Society of International Law, World Jurist Association, World Association of Lawyers, International Bar Association, International Law Association, International Tax Planning Association, International Association of Constitutional Law, Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and International Fiscal Association. He has remained Member Executive Committees of Tax Bar and High Court Bar Associations. Presently he is Member of American Bar Association (ABA) Committees for ADR Advocacy in Litigation Practice, Tax Matters, Arbitration and Intellectual Property. 
He has been awarded Certificate of “Leader in Pursuit of Professional Excellence and the Effective Delivery of Justice” by American Bar Association Has widely traveled abroad and participated in various International Law/Tax Conferences. He regularly contributes Articles on tax matters in leading Law journals and Newspapers, which demonstrates his passion for Justice, Positive Contribution towards Society and Legal System. There is long list of reported judgments of the represented cases in his credit. He is legal advisor of various Trade/Business Associations. He is associated with leading Law Firms, world-wide.

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