Sunday, April 7, 2013

Najia Baig

Najia Baig is one of the most popular and well known young actress and host in the world of media in Pakistan. She is a popular personality in Pakistani youth. Najia Baig is a very talented and gorgeous actress. She has done numerous memorable roles on television.
Najia performed in many TV Darmas. Most of her TV Dramas are super hit and her acting is great. Najia’s current projects Haasb-e-Haal and few serials and telfilms have become very popular.
Hasb e Haal, a political comedy program has been introduced some years ago. It is getting popular day by day. It is the first program which is watched by adults, housewives and children. Professional artist can make the things happen for them. Najia in one those who has made difference in their lives.